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New Work by Emma Ferreira

November 27, 2013

Emma Ferreira Siren Red

“Siren Red” by Emma Ferreira – to inquire about this piece, email: or call (310) 888-0111

TROMI is a guide to understanding that our dreams can be transformed into reality and a re minder that the circumstances forth is transformation are at our disposal; they are freedom, choice, and desire. Emphasizing the rule of freedom in our lives and our ability to resist the constraints of life, society, and our past, TROMI invites us to choose our destiny: fate and fortuity submit to desire and freedom of the will; the choices we make shape our lives; our lives shape reality; and our illusions come to life. These choices, however, are not merely pragmatic; t hey have an aesthetic characteristic.They require an instinct that provides us with a heightened sensibility for the beauty in life, as well as the creativity to envision a future shaped by desire.

As TROMI represents Emma Ferreira’s vision as an artist and an individual, the artist’s work can guide us toward understanding the concept. The art of TROMI speaks to the fact t hat the artist’s once illusory dream has become her reality. For instance, by layering ethereal images of human figures against
themselves, a lucid milieu, and/or a clear surface, Emma effectively achieves a multi-dimensionality t hat suggests the notion that dream reality can be lived reality.

She accomplishes this by signifying a harmonious relationship between two seemingly contradictory concepts: reality and illusion. With provocative yet chic imagery, the artist also shares the vital message that desire is the essence of destiny. In do ing so , she offers up he r dreams for us to ponder against our own reality so that we too may identify ourselves as the architects of our existence.

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