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Francisco Zuniga Misrachi Edition

June 27, 2015

Internationally acclaimed sculptor and printmaker Francisco Zuñiga was born in Costa Rica. He studied drawing, stone sculpture, and engraving at the School of Fine Arts in San Jose. In 1936, Zuñiga studied stone carving at La Esmeralda in Mexico City. Zuniga’s art reflects a love and respect for Central American people and traditions. As a complement to his emotionally powerful sculpture, Zuniga’s prints articulate the sensitivity and sensuality of the human figure.

Mujeres con Rebozo

This particular portfolio contained reproductions of 20 Zuniga drawings. Published by the Misrachi Gallery in 1974, this very beautiful portfolio is often sold as original drawings, however they are not original drawings and the Zuniga signature is in the plate. The DeVorzon Gallery also has a pristine portfolio signed by Francisco Zuniga on the presentation sheet.



Paul Wunderlich’s Original Prints

December 1, 2014

Paul Wunderlich was a German painter, sculptor and graphic artist. He designed Surrealist paintings and erotic sculptures. He often created paintings which referenced mythological legends.


After Picasso and Max Ernst no other artist has contributed as much to the sculpture of painters as Paul Wunderlich. The thematic for his sculptures and objects is closely linked to his paintings, drawings and lithographs. Wunderlich sculptures and objects combine the simplicity of an idea with the refinement of the material, and imagination with perfection in shaping something into a perfect form.


As an artist, Paul Wunderlich remained faithful to his own artistic visions. Over a period of several decades, Wunderlich’s complex and comprehensive body of work enjoyed numerous exhibitions in museums worldwide.


By popular request new work from the “Tromi II” series by Emma Ferreira

November 10, 2014

The Reality Of My Illusion (TROMI) marks the moment when illusions collide with reality. The illusions in questions are our dreams, often understood as abstractions that exist only in the illusory realm of our minds.

The art of TROMI speaks to the fact that the artist’s once illusory dream has become her reality. For instance, by layering ethereal images of human figures against themselves, a lucid milieu, and/or a clear surface, Emma achieves a multi-dimensionality that suggests the notion that dream reality can be lived reality.


“Lay it down” 20×30

Contact DeVorzon Gallery (310)888-0111

Carol Bishop’s “Primary Colors”

September 22, 2014
Pigment in wax on display at DeVorzon Gallery entrance

Pigment in wax on display at DeVorzon Gallery entrance

Carol Bishop ‘s paintings, photos and installations reflect ideas on architecture and place. Her artworks have been exhibited in the U.S. and abroad. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit was exhibited in solo shows at the Huntington Museum in San Marino and the Mona Bismarck Museum in Paris. Other artworks have been exhibited in Germany, Italy, France and across the Untied States. Her exhibit, Fantome: Memory and Dream of I.M. Pei marks the first living American woman to have a solo show in the Louvre in Paris. She has received the Sony Corporation Per Cent for Art commission and was chosen as a recipient of the Pomona “Envisioning the Future” photography artist. 

“The Space In Between” by Tanya Ragir

August 21, 2014

Space Between

The work of sculptor Tanya Ragir carries a theme of overcoming limitations. Some are cultural, some political, some sexual and as she puts it “many are self imposed.” She embraces the gravitas, the depth and breadth of the beauty of women, which is limitless. Growing up a dancer, and being a woman, informs everything she creates in sculpture. Movement and form is the language and vocabulary of each piece.

She says: “I have always been intrigued by the way in which form originates from, and returns to an unseen source: the invisible interior. The feminine symbol of the circle is also at the heart of this work.”

Ragir’s pieces are sculpted in clay. Pieces are fired or cast in bronze, aluminum, stainless steel and polyester resin. Sizes range from inches to monumental. The work is produced in either limited editions of nine, or as unique pieces.
Tanya Ragir’s sculptures are available at the DeVorzon Gallery (310) 888-0111

Double Six Portfolio

May 30, 2014

Yvaral Double Six Portfolio 2

The Double Six Portfolio by Yvaral exudes sex and is rarely found as an entire portfolio. DeVorzon Gallery has the entire portfolio in an edition of 8/200 that is in like-new condition. For more information on the pieces, look on his page or call DeVorzon Gallery at (310) 888-0111.

John Kennedy – Mother and Child

May 30, 2014


This is truly a one of a kind sculpture by John Kennedy called “Mother and Child” that has arrived at DeVorzon Gallery. Standing almost seven feet tall, this bronze with green patina sculpture was done in 1982 and is the only piece in an edition of one.

To find out more about this and other pieces offered, call DeVorzon Gallery at (310) 888-0111.